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  • What comes with the Macbook?

    The MacBook will come with a power cord and carrying bag.

  • Am I required to use the carrying bag?

    Students are required to carry the device in the carry bag at all times when moving throughout the school building.  The Device Protection Plan will not cover repairs due to damage resulting from not having the bag in the carry case.  In addition, students are responsible for the cost of replacing the carrying bag it is is lost, stolen or damaged.

  • If I already have a personal device, do I need this one also?

    The device provided by the school district is required for use at school.


  • What is the Device Protection Fee?

    Each school year there will be a $50 non-refundable fee per student. For students qualifying for the free or reduced lunch program, the fee is $25 per year.  For families with multiple children at Athens Middle and Athens High School, the fee is $40 per device.

  • Will I be required to bring the laptop to class everyday?

    Students must bring their device, charged and ready for use,  to all classes, everyday unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

  • What if I forget to bring my laptop to school?

    Students are expected to bring their fully charged laptops to school everyday. A limited number of laptops may be available for checkout for the day.  Students will be held accountable for digital classwork they are unable to complete.

  • What if I forget to charge the battery?

    A limited number of power outlets will be available in some classrooms. However, students are expected to bring the device fully charged each day.

  • What happens if device accessories are damaged or lost?

    A student/parent/guardian is fully responsible for the replacement cost of any device accessories (charging cable, charging adapter, carrying bag) damaged or lost while in their possession. Replacement costs of the accessories are based on the price for which the Athens City School District purchases replacement accessories from 3rd party vendors.

  • Will I be issued the same laptop next year?

    Yes. The District will make every attempt to issue the student the same laptop each year.

  • Can I use the issued computer for things not related to school?

    It is expected that use of the supplied device be directly related to the assigned student’s education.

  • Can students load software on the laptop?

    Not at this time, but in the future this will be made available on a limited basis.

  • What happens if my laptop is stolen?

    The school principal must be notified the day of the incident, if the device is stolen during school.  A police report must be filed by the student or parent within 24 hours of the incident. The police report must be brought to the school principal by the next school day. If the police report is not delivered to school principal the parent will be responsible for the full replacement cost.

  • How do I secure technical assistance if my laptop is not working properly?

    Contact your school’s helpdesk.  If your device has to be kept for repair, a temporary device will be assigned to you. Students should never attempt to to repair a device themselves or through any party other than the school district.

  • Can a student/parent/guardian repair the device?

    Although you are responsible for the costs of any repairs to a mobile device (to the extent that the protection plan does not apply), the Athens City School District is responsible for arranging for the performance of any and all repairs to a mobile device.  Students and parents (or legal guardians) may not and should never attempt to repair a device themselves or through any party other than the school district.

  • Can I keep the device during the summer break?

    Currently, all devices will be turned back in before the end of school each year and reissued when school begins.  Students will be provided details related to this process.


    Further details related to various aspects of the use and care of the devices can be found in the PowerUP Handbook.





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